BI.ZONE is disrupting the cyber security industry with its visionary approach to protecting client networks. BI.ZONE’s threat intelligence is second to none and encapsulates the knowledge from 24/7 monitoring of private big data sources, forensics analysis to incidents, monitoring the darkweb and conducting criminal attribution investigations.

BI.ZONE is the go-to company for hi-tech investigations

BI.ZONE employs only top echelon IT-Security experts to offer a wide range of IT security services

Our services

Today, the number of cybersecurity incidents is growing exponentially. Hi-profile breaches are in the public eye daily. Cyber criminals are investing more and more into their criminal enterprises, tools, and tactics and as security experts, we must always be one step ahead.

Computer Emergency Response Team (BI.ZONE-CERT)

BI.ZONE-CERT monitors and investigates the following incidents:

  • Phishing/Phishing spam;
  • Non-authorized access to sensitive information and private data;
  • DoS/DDoS-attacks;
  • Malware distribution;
  • Critical vulnerabilities.

To report an incident:

Cyber security audit

Cyber security audit includes:

  • Social engineering tests, including phishing/spear phishing attacks (by mail, phone etc.);
  • Penetration testing of external information services (websites, applications) and company infrastructure;
  • Red-teaming existing cyber security solutions and security teams to evaluate your program’s effectiveness;
  • Load and functional testing of telecommunication equipment, cybersecurity solutions and information services on implementation and purchasing levels.

Digital forensics and incident investigations

  • Identification and detailed description of attack stages;
  • Analysis of intrusion techniques and point of initial compromise;
  • Data and evidence gathering from both internal IT-infrastructure and open sources (contractors and partners, Internet sources);
  • Identification of cyber criminals involved in the attack. Gathering of legally significant information necessary for de-anonymization and bringing cyber criminals to responsibility.
  • Attribution of the cybercriminals who performed the attack with further collection of evidence required for attribution and prosecution;
  • Collaboration with law enforcement authorities at required stages of investigations.

Consultations on cybersecurity

Each consultation brings a personalized, individual approach with practical recommendations to ensure the security of your company’s infrastructure, operations and customers.

BI.ZONE also provides intelligence on critical cyber threats to your segment, fraud schemes, hacking techniques and best practice to prevent them.

Cyber threats prevention and mitigation

Mitigation and prevention measures include the following:

  • Detection and removal of confidential information leakage (trade secret, personal data), compromised employees and customer information;
  • Monitoring of the web with our cyber-eye to identify malware, fraudulent mobile applications, misuse to your brand and other malicious web-resources targeting your brand or clients. Additionally, we can detect and remove:
    • Phishing websites, websites with malware, fraudulent mobile applications;
    • Servers and other resources performing attacks on our client’s infrastructure and customers (spam, distributed and targeted attacks, phishing).