20 May 2020

BI.ZONE awarded global CREST accreditation

BI.ZONE, the cybersecurity company with offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Switzerland, has been awarded global CREST accreditation. Recognised globally, CREST accreditation demonstrates a members’ commitment to providing high-quality services.

CREST is one of the largest international not-for-profit bodies providing independent accreditations for the cybersecurity market. CREST membership is the evidence that a company has the right expertise and service delivery controls for the security and quality of its services. To become a CREST member companies must undergo stringent assessment and demonstrate their compliance with a long list of demanding standards to prove they possess the required competences. For instance, BI.ZONE is ISO 9001/27001 certified and has a whole range of comprehensive methodologies in place.

‘Getting the CREST membership was a long and difficult journey, but it was definitely worth the effort. Being an accredited member is assurance to our customers, current and potential, that we deliver quality services and strive towards improving our competitive edge in the global arena. When selecting a contractor, many large companies abroad expect the organisation to be CREST approved as a prerequisite, especially when it comes to large-scale projects. Our CREST membership became a logical step in the development of our business and we hope that now we will be able to help more organisations protect themselves and their clients,’ remarked Dmitry Samartsev, CEO of BI.ZONE.

‘CREST is pleased to welcome BI.ZONE as an accredited member company’, said Ian Glover, president of CREST, ‘BI.ZONE has been through a demanding assessment process that examined test methodologies, legal and regulatory requirements, data protection standards, logging and auditing, internal and external communications with stakeholders, as well as how test data security is maintained. Awarding BI.ZONE membership for its penetration testing services means that we are formally recognizing that the company consistently delivers the highest professional security services standards to its customers’.

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