10 December 2018

The Association of Banks of Russia together with BI.ZONE hold a resume following the pilot run of Threat Intelligence Platform

At the meeting held on December 4th the panel proclaims positive results of the Platform developed by BI.ZONE for sharing intel on cyberthreats, announcing the launch of commercial scale application of the Platform in 2019.

The pilot run of this project, product of BI.ZONE and the Association of Banks of Russia, took off in June 2018, and now come December the estimated prevented loss to cyberattacks with the aid of the Platform amounts to at least RUR 3billion (USD 45million approx.) Today the Platform provides cybersecurity across 30 financial and credit organisations, which make up over 50% of the entire national banking sector in assets, including Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, Moscow Credit Bank, Kuban Credit Bank to name but a few. Another 40 corporations are already either in their signing or negotiation stages.

Market interest towards the Platform is recognized in the statistics adduced by the CEO of BI.ZONE Dmitry Samartsev. He noted that at present the Platform receives in excess of a million aggregated indicators and processes more than 5000 requests in a single day. Productive feedback was paramount in perfecting the Platform. The launch of the new version with over 100 novel ideas voiced by the Association of Banks of Russia is scheduled for December.

Association of Banks of Russia

Anton Okoshkin — technical director at BI.ZONE took the floor to demonstrate the extensive potential of the new version of the Platform.

Association of Banks of Russia

President of the Association of Banks of Russia Georgy Luntovskiy gave his high rating to the results of the pilot run and highlighted the attention the Platform has been getting from the international community. According to Mr. Luntovskiy the Platform’s intel sharing capabilities had been discussed within the Association of Italian Banks, with similar interest being expressed by credit institutions of Belarus. Moreover, the service has been presented to the heads of Bank Associations of CIS, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mongolia.

The Platform is due for industrial scale operations starting 2019. Its basic features will remain free for the members of the Association of Banks of Russia, and active contributors to the information sharing shall be afforded serious loyalty discounts as part of the commercial partner package.

More information on the event can be found on the website for the Association of Banks of Russia.

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