BI.ZONE Cloud Fraud Prevention

Check payment transactions in the real time

Prevent fraudulent operations

Manage risks and incidents


is a mean amount of money theft from legal entities in Russia in 2018

$40 mln
is a loss caused by Buhtrap cybercriminal group in the year of 2015-2016

is usually stolen from a compromised mobile device per day


Extensive expertise

Access tо the most extensive expertise and black lists of fraudulent companies and persons available.

Multi-channel monitoring

Protects payments in differnet channels such as online payments of private and legal persons. Enables multi-channel anti-fraud monitoring.

Powered by cutting edge and reliable technologies

Statistics and machine learning are used to identify abnormal behavior and new fraud schemes.

Cost-effective solution

BI.ZONE Cloud Fraud Prevention solution allows you to reduce costs spent on an effective anti-fraud system and almost completely exclude capital expenditures and lower operational costs.



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