Assessment of ISMS compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001

ISMS audit and recommendations for improving cybersecurity management processes

Assessment of ISMS compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001

Certification readiness assessment

Outsourcing of internal audits

Independent control metrics

Expert audit is the source of confidence

Before certification
Before certification

Benefit: the company is confident about passing the certification.
How we achieve that: we evaluate the ISMS for all 114 standard controls and recommend on how to achieve compliance with ISO 27001.

After certification
After certification

Benefit: the company does not lose the certificate during annual verification checks.
How we achieve that: we undertake regular internal audits and help to continuously improve the system.

No certification
No certification

Benefit: for a company to control cybersecurity processes.
How we achieve that: we take it upon ourselves to draw up an action plan for the implementation of best management practices collected in ISO 27001.

On-demand assistance

Saving resources and time

1 month
is needed to assess the ISMS readiness for certification and give recommendations on correcting deficiencies
6 months
waiting for re-verification by those who did not pass certification on the first try

12 months
frequency with which companies must confirm compliance with ISO 27001
of companies said that after certification, the quality of cybersecurity processes has grown

3-tier effectiveness

For managers:
finalised recommendations

  • Tips for finalising documents
  • Missing technical solutions

For executives:
data for decision-making

  • Qualitative and quantitative
    assessment of the ISMS
  • Performance Monitoring Indicators
  • Mechanism for identifying deficiencies and opportunities for improvement

For companies:
resource rationing

  • Outsourcing full-time functions
  • Process optimisation

High quality service

Certified experts
Certified experts

Our team is certified by some of the world’s largest agencies and institutions, including ISACA and BSI.

Effective project management
Effective project management

We use PMI project management methodologies, therefore we complete the audit on time and control its quality using a multi-tier system. Our customers can see what stage the work is at and how to evaluate its results.

Experience in various sectors
Experience in various sectors

We have a clear understanding of the processes to focus on when dealing with organisation in the financial sector, industry, media, various services: we know where to look for bottlenecks and what solutions will suit industry tasks.

Understanding customer business needs
Understanding customer business needs

Our goal is not just to provide a service, but to help our customers solve a range of problems: increase security, cut extraneous costs and introduce best practices to optimise processes.

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