Continuous Penetration Testing

Our Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT) service provides continuous and high-level identification of vulnerabilities along the company’s external perimeter.


Process automation cuts costs without compromising quality.

The time required for fixing vulnerabilities is reduced due to constant monitoring of the external perimeter.

Changes to infrastructure do not require a repeat classic penetration testing.

Looking at the statistics from the BI.ZONE computer forensics department, most of the APT attacks in 2018-2019 began with the exploitation of new vulnerabilities in external corporate services and through social engineering techniques.

Therefore, as part of the Continuous Penetration Testing service, we focus our efforts at increasing the level of external perimeter security and staff awareness in issues of information security.

Periodic search for new company assets on the outer perimeter. This is to curtail attacks on assets that are beyond the scope of administrators or the company’s security services;

Scanning the company external perimeter. The procedure ensures quick response to the changes in the list of services open to an attack;

Web application scanning. Implemented to minimise the surface of the company open to attacks;

Phishing emails sent to company employees. This helps identify the general level of staff awareness regarding the issues of information security, and is practice for countering a phishing attack scenario;

Full-fledged APT attack simulation. This procedure verifies the level of awareness of security personnel, and is training for the information security services.

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