Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT)

Continuous external IT perimeter monitoring as a service

Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT)

Manual and automatic checks

Quick vulnerability detection and mitigation

Preparing staff for attack mitigation

Cutting expenses

Professional team


We conduct over 70 complex projects per year for clients from the financial, e-commerce, oil and gas, finance technologies, media and other industries.


Our experts discover new vulnerabilities in products developed by large vendors and are honorary mentions in in the Hall of Fame at Yandex and

Exchange of knowledge

We regularly learn about new methods employed by cybercriminals from the APT attack investigation team, so our checks are very close imitations of real combat conditions.


Our experts have internationally recognized certification from well-known centres: Offensive Security, EC-Council, (ISC)2, SANS.

Value for business

Lower risks

Continuous monitoring accelerates remediation of vulnerabilities, even after changes to the infrastructure.

Greater opportunities

The service covers a range of tasks: from perimeter scanning, to enhancing cybersecurity awareness of employees, to simulating DDoS and APT attacks.

Lower expenses

Outsourcing and partial automation reduce costs while maintaining high quality inspections.

More customisation

The customers choose the scope of tasks that meets their needs and specifies the frequency of their application.

A new approach to perimeter security

Continuous Penetration Testing

  • Cuts expenses
  • Detects the most serious vulnerabilities
  • Frequent and regular

Classical Penetration Testing

  • Requires a lot of labour, time and resources
  • Detects the majority of all vulnerabilities
  • Applied 1–2 times per year

All results presented on a single platform

Comprehensive checks for maximum coverage

Continuous pentesting

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