• Expert consultation during the process of system development will ensure that the newly released device is secure, up to standard and all within budget.
  • The applied safety measures fully protect the device or at least make it so resistant to attacks that it will lose all economic sense to carry one out.
  • Independent security assessment allows companies to select the most reliable device outfit to install in their infrastructures or to use in further developments.

Success story

  • Examination of security devices, firmware, implementations of cryptographic algorithms and security mechanisms through hardware.
  • Expertise in ATM security, wireless protocols, IoT devices, cars, automated process control systems, smart cards.
  • Certificates from leading laboratories: Riscure, Texplained, Toothless.

Our approach

Independent assessment of the hardware systems and their level of security.

Development of safety measures to reduce the risks of direct and indirect financial losses.

Assistance in obtaining hardware and software certifications.

Technical support during any stage of system development.


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