Malware analysis

Fast and thorough examination of malicious programs

Malware analysis

Behavioural analysis

Static analysis

Dynamic analysis

What can you do with the help of malware analysis

Determine the functions of a suspicious program, assess the nature and extent of the threat during infection.

Get indicators of compromise by which the threat can be detected and removed from the network.

Establish whether the attack is directed specifically at your company or is it part of a mass mailing (if possible, determine which cybercrime group the malware belongs to).

Malware analysis is carried out in three stages:

Our experience

  • We helped clients neutralise such threats as WannaCry, Lurk, Carbanak, RTM, Silence, Emotet.
  • Our specialists take part in court proceedings as cybercrime experts.
  • We constantly follow the latest trends in malware and share our knowledge with the public. We regularly give talks at conferences, publish research papers, and produce articles for the media.


Malware analysis by BI.ZONE alleviates you from spending resources on maintaining a team of specialists and purchasing expensive tools for infrequent occurences.

Detailed malware research enriches the internal threat intelligence and helps you properly configure their protection.

Our reports describing the functionality of the malware can be used for further investigations and as evidence for getting reimbursed through lawsuits.


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