Security solutions testing and analysis

A successful DDoS attack can completely knock the business out of its tracks and result in an outflow of customers and serious financial losses. Any company can become a victim of a DDoS attack, and the extent to which it will suffer - depends on the state of the network protection systems. Load testing of networks and network security systems allows you to:

Evaluate the response of systems to various levels of traffic and DDoS attacks

Check compliance with the security level and increase the level of protection

Identify problems in the configuration of the current security assets

Success story

In 2018 the BI.ZONE team carried out more than 20 large load testing projects and cooperated with one of our largest customers - one of the top 5 banks of Russia - in preparing their infrastructure to repel DDoS attacks. As part of these projects, the security and performance of Firewall / NGFW solutions, antispam products, load balancing solutions, DPI and NFV products, etc. were tested.

While the preparation of the infrastructure for DDoS attacks, our team conducted: level L3 DDoS attacks on edge routers and L4-L7 level attacks on resources, tested Anti-DDoS systems, analysed the configuration of the Internet segment in terms of protection against DDoS and 10 channels of telecom operators to block any attacks.


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