Continuous approach to penetration testing and security analysis
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Continuous approach to penetration testing and security analysis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and government agencies have transferred their employees to working remotely to ensure the continuity of day-to-day operations. These transformations lead to unprecedented changes in the network connection rules. Hackers are taking advantage of these circumstances to discover and exploit vulnerabilities

About the event
BI.ZONE, an expert in strategic management of digital risks, in partnership with the Mannai Corporation is holding a webinar for Qatari cybersecurity professionals to discuss the added value of high-quality penetration testing for the security of web applications, internal and external networks.

During the webinar, BI.ZONE experts will discuss the best practices in continuous security analysis and vulnerability management techniques, such as Continuous Penetration Testing and Secure Development Processes Automation, that the company offers to the market.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.
Alexey Kuznetsov
Head of Security Analysis