We execute comprehensive cybersecurity projects in the energy sector

Industry specifics

Ensuring cybersecurity of the energy sector is the most challenging task compared to other sectors of the economy. Geographically scattered and isolated industrial facilities, a high degree of integration of automated and business systems, multiple proprietary and leased communication channels—all this requires both serious experience in digital risk management and a deep understanding of industry specifics.

BI.ZONE leads extensive cybersecurity projects in the fuel and energy sector and has developed its own approaches to achieve a high level of system security without disrupting the continuity of technological processes
Cybersecurity is the foundation of stable digital development for your corporation
  • Seamless operation
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Protected infrastructure
  • Secure automation
  • Regulatory compliance

Scope of expertise

Detection of cyber risks

We conduct a security audit of your systems, build a threat map, and identify cybersecurity gaps in your critical infrastructure

Integrated information security in industrial systems

Based on the cyber risks identified, we propose measures to protect industrial systems while maintaining process stability and continuity

Selection and maintenance of only the essential solutions

We will test your defenses and industrial equipment against cyberattacks, set them up to work together for maximum efficiency, and take over some of the routine functions


We will assess the compliance of your organization with legal requirements, implement the required procedures, and provide support during audits and certifications

Secure network scaling

We will implement a smooth transition from outdated technology and upgrade your network with security in mind

Proactive threat protection

We will establish for you a unified external and internal incident monitoring service, with the support of internationally renowned experts

Increased staff cyber literacy

We offer training programs to equip line staff with the skills to work safely in a digital environment and to enhance the skills of your cybersecurity professionals

Cyber incident management

We can help you respond quickly to complex attacks, identify the perpetrators and the points of entry they used as well as conduct independent investigations and preserve evidence for law enforcement

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