Providing stable protection of financial institutions

Industry specifics

A financial enterprise is the most attractive target for cybercriminals, and they are willing to go to great lengths to succeed in their attacks. Cyber gangs actively use social engineering techniques, exploit non-trivial software vulnerabilities, and do not spare any financial and technical resources to penetrate a target company’s infrastructure.

Classical defense techniques may not be enough to repel such attacks.

BI.ZONE’s proactive methods and technologies based on industry-specific analytics help financial corporations ensure continuous data protection and confidently counter potential threats at an early stage
Cybersecurity is the foundation of stable digital development for your corporation
  • Fraud prevention
  • Financial assets security
  • Stable infrastructure
  • Data protection
  • Regulatory compliance

Scope of expertise

Sensitive data protection

We implement a range of measures and technical solutions to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive company and customer data—by both external intruders and insiders

Protection against sophisticated targeted attacks

We can help you implement a strategy to defend against targeted attacks using multivector technology, preventative measures, and real-time data feeds on new threats—all without complicating your IT infrastructure

Availability of business systems and web applications

We will set up proactive cybersecurity incident monitoring and expert traffic analysis to eliminate threats before they compromise the availability of customer-critical systems

Fraud prevention

We identify and prevent fraudulent transactions in online payment channels and misuse of your brand

Centralized branch protection

We will centralize branch office connectivity with the ability to route traffic between branches without affecting security


We will assess your level of regulatory compliance, set up missing processes, and provide support for inspections and certifications

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