We protect transport infrastructure from modern cybersecurity threats

Industry specifics

The analog systems in transportation are being replaced by digital ones, scaling passenger service delivery, implementing intelligent management of logistics flows, and coordinating with other players in the industry. However, moving processes into the digital space opens up new routes for attacks. Threat actors can not only steal customer data or company money, but, for example, distort the arrival time of transport vehicles, which would disrupt the entire logistics chain.

BI.ZONE will ensure a smooth operation of your systems by preventing interference with transport infrastructure processes

Cybersecurity is the foundation of stable digital development for your corporation
  • Protected infrastructure
  • Seamless operation
  • Secure digitalization
  • Data protection
  • Regulatory compliance

Scope of expertise

Monitoring cyber incidents in transport infrastructure

We will build a process to monitor malicious activities in IT and communication networks and respond to detected unlawful activity

Proactive protection of transport systems

We will conduct a security audit of your systems and, based on the audit results, implement a set of missing detection and prevention solutions

Accessibility of transport services

We use in-house technology to secure your mobile and web applications: prevent attempts to interfere with their functionality as well as illegal activities using your customers’ accounts


We will assess your level of regulatory compliance, set up missing processes, and provide support for inspections and certifications

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