Teams from 7 countries to battle out in the CTFZone final

Teams from 7 countries to battle out in the CTFZone final

The prize pool stands at $18,000 coupled with a ticket to the world’s largest CTF tournament in Vegas
April 23, 2020

The CTFZone finals are set to kickstart on 25–26 of April. Hosted by BI.ZONE, the annual international competition is among the six qualifiers and a qualifying round for the world’s largest competition DEF CON CTF, which has been taking place in Las Vegas for over 30 years.

Capture The Flag (CTF) is a contest that challenges teams to solve a variety of practical cybersecurity tasks and their goal is to find a specific piece of text—the "flag". "Flag captured" means that the contestants have hacked a system and detected the vulnerability in the key generation algorithm or solved another task.

The qualifying round for CTFZone in November, brought together over 1,000 teams from around the world. 10 teams progressed to the next round, including some acclaimed teams from Russia, Poland, Italy, the US, Japan and China. In the final competition they will be challenged with a variety of hacking and defence tasks: the teams will be attacking the opponents’ servers to capture their flags and defend their own infrastructure to prevent the opponents from capturing theirs. The tournament will be held online to ensure equal conditions for teams from different time zones.

We are passionate about CTFZone and take pride that DEF CON has selected our tournament as a qualifier and is ready to welcome its winners together with other best teams of the world. CTF competitions address a number of important tasks: we are bringing cybersecurity concerns to the public eye, attracting new professionals to the industry and giving our participants an opportunity to flex their skills on the "battleground". This is especially relevant amidst the constant growth of cybercrime and a lack of qualified professionals
Evgeny Voloshin