The path to digital leadership. Practical guide on incident management

The path to digital leadership. A practical guide on incident management

A manual to ensure business continuity and quick response to incidents in the digital environment
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The guide includes 3 independent sections that take you from theory to practice:
Business in the digital age: threats and opportunities

In Section 1, you will learn which trends of digitalisation are important to focus on and how to capitalise on them

Business continuity in the digital transformation

Section 2 will help you understand the basics of responding to cyber incidents and preparing for them in advance

Responding to cyber incidents as business continuity protection

Section 3 gives instructions on what to do if you are faced with a cyber incident

of companies only deal with incidents when they occur
1 in 5
companies failed to ensure business continuity when switching to remote operations

The guide contains

Trends in secure business development

BI.ZONE expertise

completed projects
successful investigations
protected clients