BI.ZONE and Transtelecom JSC to create an integrated cybersecurity platform in Kazakhstan

BI.ZONE and Transtelecom JSC to create an integrated cybersecurity platform in Kazakhstan

BI.ZONE and Transtelecom JSC (Kazakhstan) have entered into a memorandum of cooperation at the Second International Cybersecurity Congress which is currently taking place in Moscow
June 21, 2019

The document was signed by CEO of BI.ZONE Dmitry Samartsev and Chairman of the Management Board of Transtelecom JSC Zhanbolat Nadyrov.

The memorandum creates the foundation for cooperation between the two companies to establish an integrated cybersecurity platform in Kazakhstan. The partners aim to combine the expertise and experience of their incident monitoring and rapid response centers and offer Kazakh companies convenient cloud solutions that will automate a number of cybersecurity processes.

The document sets out common approaches to developing the joint activities of BI.ZONE and Transtelecom JSC. It is expected that the Russian company will provide a technological platform for deploying SOC and MSSP services, and also offer expert models for identifying cyberattacks. Kazakhstan-based specialists of Transtelecom JSC will process data and respond to cybersecurity incidents. It is planned to transfer the telecom provider’s existing clients to the new platform by the end of 2019.

International cooperation is essential to combat the growing digital risks because geographical borders do not apply to cyberthreats. As one of the largest communications operators in the Republic of Kazakhstan, we are responsible for our clients and strive to develop a culture of cybersecurity in our industry. BI.ZONE’s powerful technological base will allow us to scale our expertise and thereby bring Transtelecom closer to achieving its strategic tasks in the area of protecting Kazakhstan’s public and quasi-public organizations against modern threats
Zhanbolat Nadyrov
Chairman of the Management Board of Transtelecom JSC

The digital landscape is constantly becoming more complex. To counteract cybercriminals today, companies need experienced teams of specialists who command serious resources and effective security tools. We are interested in increasing the level of cybersecurity throughout the world, and that’s why we see cooperation with Transtelecom JSC as an important initiative—it’s a step towards taking a comprehensive approach to solve this problem and reliably protect critical infrastructure in Kazakhstan
Dmitry Samartsev