BI.ZONE announces the launch of its new cybersecurity services platform Def.Zone

BI.ZONE announces the launch of its new cybersecurity services platform Def.Zone

Def.Zone will become the first Russian public platform that offers only cloud services
April 21, 2020

BI.ZONE launches the beta version of Def.Zone is a new cloud services platform offering protection against current digital threats. The platform will allow customers to automate the most time-consuming cybersecurity processes and manage a set of solutions through a single and easy to use interface. At the same time significantly reducing the costs of implementation, support and administration of security assets through the use of cloud technologies.

Cybersecurity is still a complex aspect for many organizations. More than 80% of companies are not ready for a large-scale cyberattack. The aggravated situation with the spread of COVID-19 and the mass transfer of employees to remote work caused a surge in cybercrime, but many companies are not ready to increase investments in cybersecurity and expand their team of specialists. Def.Zone will help maintain business performance and minimize customers’ cyber risks in these conditions.

Def.Zone offers a range of cloud solutions to ensure the cybersecurity of SMEs and large businesses: from employee testing and security control to repelling cyberattacks and investigating incidents. The majority of the services on the platform have been designed to be implemented on the customer’s perimeter as automated tools, however, some services can be provided and adapted to the needs of the customer directly by the BI.ZONE specialists.

To support Russian business, BI.ZONE previously opened free access to a number of products presented at Def.Zone as part of the Stay Home campaign, which is running until July 1, 2020. Some solutions, including scanning the company IT perimeter and checking employees for phishing awareness, will remain free after the end of the campaign.

In the Russian market, we are launching a unique product—a multi-service platform with an emphasis on cloud services. The situation in the world is difficult at the moment—cybercrime is growing, there are more and more vectors of potential attacks, and companies often do not have the means to maintain a large team of specialists and support expensive local solutions. Def.Zone can rise up to these challenges
Anton Okoshkin
Chief Technology Officer at BI.ZONE

BI.ZONE invites everyone to take part in the Def.Zone beta testing, which will go on for several months. The main goal for this period is to rely on customer feedback and make the platform even more user-friendly.