BI.ZONE gives free access to its cybersecurity services

BI.ZONE gives free access to its cybersecurity services

Until July 1, 2020, any company can receive services to protect their corporate network and employees on remote access
March 19, 2020

BI.ZONE begins to provide free cybersecurity services to support organizations which have switched to remote work. Services will be available to companies until July 1, 2020.

BI.ZONE has made this decision in light of the difficult situation connected with the spread of the coronavirus infection in Russia and in the world. COVID-19 has affected many countries and triggered a wave of cybercriminal activity. Over the past two months, more than 4000 domains with the words "coronavirus", "covid" and similar have been registered. At the same time, the number of phishing emails has grown by 30% compared to the previous quarter. About 20% of them contain information about the coronavirus.

Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, organizations en masse have been asking employees to work from home. The transition to remote access has sparked an increase in the role of human error: insecure services are now often being integrated in the perimeter of the corporate network. Some companies have to do it consciously in order to provide quarantined employees with access to corporate resources. Over the past week, the number of connections to publicly accessible services for remote work has grown by 23% among BI.ZONE customers. It significantly increases the vulnerability of the corporate network to cyberattacks.

In order to support the business community, BI.ZONE has decided to start offering free access to its cloud services as of March 18:

Perimeter Scanner scans the external IT perimeter, searches for vulnerabilities in the network, automatically controls open network ports and applications, and allows to track connections to third-party services.

Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT) provides continuous monitoring of the external IT perimeter through regular manual and automated checks. The service is especially relevant for large corporations and can replace the penetration testing services for the period of epidemic.

Cloud Email Security & Protection (BI.ZONE CESP) protects the email service from phishing and spam, scans attachments for malicious links and software.

Phish Zone simulates phishing attacks within the company and trains employees to detect malicious emails. BI.ZONE specialists have prepared a special scenario related to the coronavirus.

All services are cloud-based, which means quicker connection without installation of any additional resources on the customer’s site. To get free access to the services, please contact