Sber’s subsidiary BI.ZONE publishes a tool to combat a new critical vulnerability

Sber’s subsidiary BI.ZONE publishes a tool to combat a new critical vulnerability

A new Log4Shell vulnerability was detected a few days ago—the most critical one in the last 5 years, which poses a threat to the whole world

December 23, 2021

The vulnerability allows even inexperienced hackers to gain control over servers and web applications. No special knowledge is needed to exploit this vulnerability. It is enough to have a general idea of the Java programming language and its usage patterns.

Possible targets include products from tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Cloudflare, as well as corporate in-house solutions ranging from production management systems to diagnostic utilities. Sber’s subsidiary BI.ZONE has released a tool for the general public to combat this threat.

The Log4Shell vulnerability has recently been used in hundreds of thousands of successful attacks around the world. The challenge is that in order to protect your assets, you have to know which of them are vulnerable, and that is hard to figure out. This is why our experts have developed a utility that allows you to find all the network nodes that require additional protection and extra attention from cybersecurity officers
Stanislav Kuznetsov
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sber

So far, companies have relied on classical vulnerability scanners to address the problem. However, these tools are not very effective in this case—they do not provide complete coverage of all data being logged.

There is a risk of missing a vulnerable application when scanning from the network, therefore, our tool is designed to scan from inside the host. If you detect a vulnerability, immediately update your Log4j version and follow the guidance as prescribed on GitHub
Dmitry Samartsev
Dmitry Samartsev, BI.ZONE CEO

Additionally, the BI.ZONE WAF cloud service can be used as protection against external attacks. It does not relieve you of installing updates to fix the vulnerability, but it does mitigate the risk of successful Log4Shell exploitation.

The Log4Shell vulnerability is related to the Log4j logging library that is used to create various applications and programs. Using Log4Shell, hackers can get into companies’ IT infrastructures and thereby steal data, encrypt all files and disrupt vital business processes.