BI.ZONE will prepare IT infrastructure to repel cyberattacks

BI.ZONE will prepare IT infrastructure to repel cyberattacks

BI.ZONE has announced the launch of a new service designed to test cybersecurity products and secure corporate networks against future cyberattacks. The service is provided by BI.ZONE’s own security solutions testing and analysis lab
November 20, 2019

BI.ZONE experts propose a new way of building digital environments that takes cybersecurity processes into account. It will allow to evaluate the size of investments into corporate network development, help decide which security assets need to be purchased, and strengthen the customer’s infrastructure against coming cyberattacks. The SSTA services are aimed at organizations that have extensive IT infrastructure and high security requirements. The laboratory already works with all of the major telecommunications companies in Russia, financial institutions, industrial and IT companies. This year its experts have also planned and implemented the training infrastructure for Cyber Polygon—an international online exercise for tackling global cyberthreats that took place on July 19 at the International Cybersecurity Congress (ICC 2019).

The laboratory’s experts can analyze how the customer’s systems react to cyberthreats and uncover bottlenecks in IT infrastructure. An examination of cybersecurity assets is conducted using standard and custom methodologies. It provides an opportunity to compare different manufacturers, optimize hardware configuration and discover possible compatibility issues. Among the assets that can be tested are Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), SSL gateways, and firewalls. BI.ZONE’s experts can also demonstrate capabilities of a product or a solution, that the customer is interested in, and produce comparative results if there is a need to choose between different options.

BI.ZONE’s testing hardware is produced by the best companies on the market. It boasts 2.4 Tbps of bandwidth, allowing experts to test the highest performance cybersecurity systems available. During examination, it is possible to simulate not only malicious traffic, but legitimate traffic from numerous applications as well.

BI.ZONE was the company that Home Credit Bank invited to test the effectiveness of our anti-DDoS solutions. BI.ZONE’s specialists have demonstrated great expertise in this area, and their tools were highly versatile and effective at modeling different types of DDoS attacks. During the testing, 9 types of attacks were simulated—all successfully repelled by the cybersecurity measures used at the bank
Nikolay Klendar
CISO, Home Credit Bank

Among the most important things in building an IT infrastructure are stability and performance of its security systems. At the same time, the parameters that are declared by the manufacturer can often only be verified with practice. Initially we performed stress tests as parts of large individual projects. But eventually we saw more and more requests for hardware and cybersecurity solutions testing from our partners. Now we have a strong team of experts, original methodologies, and powerful modern tools. All of this enables us to provide services unique for our market
Evgeny Voloshin
Director of Expert Services, BI.ZONE