BI.ZONE will support INTERPOL’s <span style="white-space: nowrap">anti-phishing</span> campaign

BI.ZONE will support INTERPOL’s anti-phishing campaign

BI.ZONE company will participate in the #BECareful online campaign organized by INTERPOL to raise awareness about phishing among individual users and organizations
October 31, 2019

BI.ZONE company will participate in the #BECareful online campaign organized by INTERPOL to raise awareness about phishing among individual users and organizations.

BI.ZONE and INTERPOL have been collaborating extensively since 2017 when they agreed to regularly exchange latest data on cyberthreats and cybercriminal groups’ activity. BI.ZONE will support #BECareful by releasing educational material: videos and graphics about the nature of phishing, its dangers, and how to tell a real letter from a phishing attempt. This will help in raising cyberliteracy of regular users and businesses alike. In recent years a particular type of phishing that is especially dangerous to large companies has experienced a quick rise in popularity—business email compromise (BEC). A perpetrator gains access to an email that belongs to a top manager or a financial department employee, collects information about their writing style, the company and its partners, and then, posing as one of those partners, composes a letter asking to transfer funds into his or her account. BEC has become the main focus of the campaign.

BI.ZONE’s data also confirms that phishing in general remains one of the most effective cybercrime methods. In 2017 and 2018 the company has conducted several training exercises and sent out more than 500 000 simulated phishing letters to its clients’ employees. According to BI.ZONE’s experts, 18% of addressees have clicked on links in those letters, and 9% have opened malicious attachments or entered their work credentials into phishing sites. And a company’s cybersecurity can be compromised by even one employee who failed to recognize a phishing attempt.

With more than one billion dollars lost to BEC fraud last year alone, this relatively unknown crime is fast becoming a global phenomenon. We hope the #BECareful campaign will bring this issue to the forefront by raising public awareness and offering concrete advice to reduce the number of potential victims, with the ultimate goal of keeping money out of the hands of criminals. We are extremely happy that this important campaign will be supported by such a powerful international player as BI.ZONE
Craig Jones
INTERPOL’s Director of Cybercrime

Phishing is rightfully considered to be one of the most serious cyberthreats. Even now, there is a huge number of people who use the internet on a daily basis, but have no real understanding of the dangers posed by social engineering methods. Our company has accumulated a lot of experience in different aspects of cybersecurity, including defence from phishing. BI.ZONE has also been productively cooperating with INTERPOL for a long time, and is excited to be part of the #BECareful campaign. It is a very important undertaking, and we hope that our expertise will help to make it even more useful and informative
Dmitry Samartsev

BI.ZONE provides a range of services and products aimed to protect customers from various cyberthreats. For example, the PhishZone service is built to conduct simulated phishing attacks against client’s employees based on existing templates and to track, how each target reacts to malicious correspondence, who clicks on questionable links and enters confidential data into phishing websites. This raises employees’ cyberliteracy level and helps minimize the number of real incidents in the future. BI.ZONE also has a Security awareness program for managers and heads of organizations. It provides seminars and training exercises on cyberthreats and how to defend from them.