BI.ZONE supports the healthcare effort against COVID-19

BI.ZONE supports the healthcare effort against COVID-19

The company is the first Russian-based organization to join the international healthcare cybersecurity initiative
June 3, 2020

BI.ZONE is committed to providing cybersecurity support to medical organizations engaged in the COVID-19 response. The company has joined the Cyber4Healthcare initiative which was launched by the CyberPeace Institute, an international non-profit organization based in Switzerland.

The fight against the dangerous virus is made worse by a surge in cybercrime. A worldwide panic and a lack of organization encourages criminals to take advantage of the crisis. With that, healthcare institutions are also becoming frequent targets of attacks. These attacks are generally aimed at disrupting operations and thus endangering thousands of lives. Many institutions combating COVID-19 have been hacked this spring: hospitals, research laboratories, public contactors and even the World Health Organization (WHO). Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the number of attacks on the WHO has increased by 5 times (as of April 2020).

Medical professionals from around the world are getting a lot of support from the CyberPeace Institute—an international organization that is dedicated to increasing the stability of cyberspace. In June of 2020, the institute launched a Cyber4Healthcare project to help the healthcare industry improve its cyber resilience through partner-supplied services. Any medical facility that is fighting against COVID-19, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, equipment manufacturers, can receive free assistance from the CyberPeace Institute to enhance their own cybersecurity. The initiative is supported by Microsoft, Unisys, Global Cyber Alliance, CybExer Technologies, FIRST and other organizations. BI.ZONE has become the first partner from Russia to take part in the project.

‘We find ourselves in a situation where the future livelihood of millions of people depends on prompt actions of healthcare professionals. Helping medical institutions to protect their day-to-day is more than a contribution—it is our duty to the world in the fight against the pandemic. We are proud to be part of the Cyber4Healthcare initiative and hope that by joining efforts we can protect the cyberspace of all medical staff who protect us from COVID-19
Dmitry Samartsev

Protecting the healthcare as any other critical civil infrastructure is a collective responsibility. We are very excited to work with BI.ZONE to bring assistance to healthcare organizations so they can continue protecting human life during the pandemic
Stéphane Duguin
CEO, CyberPeace Institute