BI.ZONE and NGENIX become partners

BI.ZONE and NGENIX become partners

Experts from BI.ZONE and NGENIX are joining forces against cloud threats
June 1, 2020

BI.ZONE and NGENIX have partnered up to research the cybersecurity of public web applications. The Russian developer of security solutions and the provider of cloud-based web application services will collaborate to create new defense mechanisms against existing cyber threats and develop novel approaches to withstand possible future attacks.

In April of this year, the total bandwidth capacity of the NGENIX infrastructure reached 2 Tbps. The distributed cloud platform provided by the company ensures uninterrupted operation for more than 1,000 Russian web applications. Popular online stores, streaming platforms and many other web services are faced with constant attacks—from ordinary DDoS to sophisticated coordinated attacks using various tools and methods. Moreover, the complexity and rate of such incidents is continually rising.

To ensure maximum customer protection, BI.ZONE and NGENIX are determined to carry out regular research into the newest and most dangerous application attacks. This goal of such collaboration is to develop effective methods of repelling threats using the NGENIX cloud infrastructure. The main focus will be to improve the existing techniques for neutralizing bots without blocking IP addresses and also to reduce the number of false positives.

Cybercriminals are never in standstill. Every day, they come up with new methods to attack and bypass even the most cutting-edge security measures. One way to effectively counter such attacks is to think one step ahead and develop security in advance. This is precisely the goal of our cooperation with NGENIX. By combining our experience and capabilities, we will be able to bring customer protection to a whole new level
Evgeny Voloshin

With the addition of BI.ZONE expertise and its innovative products we hope to significantly strengthen our distributed cloud platform. Thus, NGENIX can improve its solutions and fulfill its mission in maintaining stable and efficient operation of critical web resources and popular services
Dmitry Krikov
Technology Director, NGENIX