First round of CTFZone contest by BI.ZONE successfully completed

First round of CTFZone contest by BI.ZONE successfully completed

The first stage of CTFZone presidential election was held on July 15–16. The first online stage was a qualifying round for the general election which would take place at ZERONIGHTS 2017
July 24, 2017

765 teams from all over the world took part in the primaries stage—the CTFZone presidential campaign attracted participants from 81 countries.

The first stage was in jeopardy format and lasted for 36 hours. Each team constituted a campaign office of a candidate for the office of CTFZone president. The main goals of each campaign office were to increase its candidate’s popularity and gain as many votes as possible. In order to do so, all teams tried to solve 20 tasks from different categories: web, crypto, misc, forensic, pwn and reverse. The contest's scoring system was dynamic—the first teams received equal points for a task, but later on they were recalculated each time other teams solved the task.

Web and сrypto turned out to be the most popular categories, and forensic and misc, the most complicated—one misc task even remained unsolved.

According to the results of the contest, 10 teams from Russia and other countries proceeded to the second stage—they will take part in the CTFZone general election and try to lead their candidates to victory.

The second stage will take place on November 16–17 and will be held in attack/defense format. Taking into account a high level of the teams’ professionalism, the battle is going to be legendary. Therefore, we wish all the winners of the first stage good luck and look forward to welcoming you at ZERONIGHTS 2017 in November.

Stay tuned!