6 July 2018

Threat Zone 17/18: New Challenges of the Digital World

From July 5 to July 6, the Moscow International Trade Center hosted the first International Cybersecurity Congress, where BI.ZONE presented an annual analytical research “Threat Zone 17/18: New Challenges of the Digital World”.

In this research, based on the results of work in 2017-2018, cybersecurity experts from BI.ZONE gave an overview of the general state of the global economy in the context of digital threats and talked about the largest criminal cyber groups and their methods of work. Special attention was paid to the real-life cases: for example, our specialists demonstrated what phishing letters and social engineering methods are the most effective in terms of users luring, and malicious programs affecting most users in Russia and other countries.

The research also includes recommendations on protection against various types of attacks, from ransomware to the supply-chain attack, and provides forecast for the nearest future. According to our information, the number of cyberattacks will steadily grow. The actions of intruders will mostly affect financial institutions and banks — during the period of the research, every second attack fell on companies of this particular sector.

You can download Threat Zone 17/18: New Challenges of the Digital World report here.

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