We ensure a secure development of telecom corporations
Industry Specifics
Today telecom operators provide a wide range of digital services, from mobile television to e-commerce. In order to succeed in the competitive market, they make ample use of the latest technologies, which can become a target for attacks.

BI.ZONE will develop an effective business and customer protection strategy and select the best tools to ensure a high level of cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity — the foundation of stable digital development for your corporation
  • Seamless operation
  • Compliance
  • Production and supply chain security
  • Protected information
Scope of Expertise
Security assessment

We will evaluate the security of your networks, services, IoT devices and web applications, and develop effective remedies for detected vulnerabilities

Customer data safety

We protect your user accounts against unauthorised access and maintain data security and integrity

Infrastructure monitoring

We perform 24/7 monitoring of your IT infrastructure, load test your network equipment and security controls, identify and mitigate malicious activity

Availability of assets and services

We will improve the resilience and availability of public services through regular monitoring of inbound and outbound traffic and through tailored security solutions

Fraud prevention

We prevent subscriber abuse (e.g. unauthorised purchases from someone’s personal account) as well as any misuse of your brand


We will assess the compliance of your organisation with legal requirements, implement the required procedures and provide support during audits and certifications

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