We ensure cybersecurity of the entire retail cycle
Industry Specifics
Maintaining a seamless customer experience demands that the retailers work with a multitude of manufacturing and logistics partners. Every link in this chain has potential cyber risks, from suppliers and contractors to production processes and consumers. By hacking into one of your counterparties’ systems, attackers can gain easy access to your company’s data.

BI.ZONE can help you build effective protection for your entire retail infrastructure.
Cybersecurity — the foundation of stable digital development for your corporation
  • Seamless operation
  • Compliance
  • Production and supply chain security
  • Protected information
Scope of Expertise
Retail security assessment

We analyse the security status of the equipment used (POS systems, smart terminals, online cash registers), provide an overview of the company’s external and internal perimeter security and develop measures to address weaknesses

Supply chain continuity

We will implement a range of measures and technical solutions to ensure cybersecurity at all stages of product and service delivery, from systems and web application development requirements to continuous monitoring with overlay and embedded data protection

Consumer data protection

We help prevent unauthorised access to your users’ accounts and maintain your data security and integrity

Fraud prevention

We will identify and prevent fraud in loyalty schemes as well as misuse of your brand

Secure network scaling

We can ensure rapid connection of new branches and routing of traffic between retail outlets without compromising security

Cybersecurity outsourcing

We can reduce cybersecurity costs by outsourcing key processes — security incident monitoring, response and investigation, infrastructure protection and security audits

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