Penetration testing

Estimate cybersecurity capacity

Penetration testing

Vulnerability assessment on the internal and external IT perimeter

Employee cybersecurity awareness testing

Simulation of targeted attacks

Unearthing real problems

infrastructures with a high level of security, according to the statistics of our audits in 2019

of companies leak information about the system and its users

of cases resulted in access to personal data of clients or employees

5 in 10
employees at Russian companies are vulnerable to phishing

Evaluating all elements of the infrastructure

Websites and Remote Banking Services

Network appliances

Staff reaction to social engineering

Vendor applications

User workstations

Cybersecurity team response

Professional team

Certified experts

Our competence is confirmed by a number of internationally recognised certificates from the world’s largest agencies and institutions, including Offensive Security, EC-Council, (ISC)2, SANS, Cisco.

Experienced practitioners

We carry out more than 70 projects a year for the largest banks, IT and telecom companies, customers from the e-commerce, big industry and the media.


Our employees teach security analysis at MEPhI, HSE, as well as courses at Russian and European educational centres and corporate universities.


Our specialists are frequent guest speakers at conferences and work on discovering new vulnerabilities in the products published by large vendors.

Solution with maximum benefits

Check security

  • if the infrastructure was changed
  • if the office is expanding to a new location
  • if regulatory requirements need to be met

Make decision

  • are employees prepared for cyberattacks?
  • is there a need for modernisation or new tools?
  • is the threat model up-to-date?

Evaluate the prospects

  • before connecting to a new infrastructure
  • before insuring cyber-risks
  • before making an investment

We help to stay ahead of cybercriminals

Identify security gaps

We use international standards and our own methodologies for a more in-depth search for vulnerabilities.

Determine the severity of threats

We rank the vulnerabilities by a degree of criticality and indicate which ones are most likely to attract attackers.

Offer solutions

We give clear recommendations on how to fix vulnerabilities, and not just list the problems found.

Support during mitigation

We help at all stages of eliminating vulnerabilities and for reliability we check that all the gaps are closed.

Problems that we solve


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