21 June 2019

BI.ZONE starts combating cybercrime in Qatar

BI.ZONE and Mannai Corporation, Qatar’s largest systems integrator, have entered into a cooperation agreement at the Second International Cybersecurity Congress, which is currently taking place in Moscow. The corresponding document was signed by CEO of BI.ZONE Dmitry Samartsev and Vice Chairman, Executive Committee at Mannai Corporation Khalid Mannai.

Under the agreement, Mannai Corporation will become the official distributor of BI.ZONE’s cybersecurity products and services in Qatar. The partnership between the companies is expected to increase protection against cybercriminals in the Middle East with the help of Russian technologies.

As part of the agreement, BI.ZONE plans to supply the Qatari market with several solutions. One of them is BI.ZONE Cloud Fraud Prevention for countering fraudulent transactions in digital banking channels; another is a platform for collecting, analysing and distributing data on relevant threats to cybersecurity BI.ZONE ThreatVision; as well as BI.ZONE TI.Sensors — a platform for protecting workstations, servers and mobile devices against cyberthreats. In addition, customers in Qatar will have access to cloud security solutions and services for automated cybersecurity monitoring and response.

Khalid Mannai, Vice Chairman, Executive Committee at Mannai Corporation:

“One of the most obvious trends in the global market today is that businesses are gradually coming to realise how unprepared they are to withstand cyberthreats on their own. The most effective way to protect yourself today is to interact with reliable companies that are professionally involved in cybersecurity, and the expertise of Russian technical experts in this field is valued throughout the world. We have carefully studied the products and services offered by BI.ZONE and are convinced that these developments will help our customers build strong security against cybercriminals.”

Dmitry Samartsev, CEO of BI.ZONE:

“To tackle cybercrime successfully, it is necessary not only to form close cooperation between countries, but also to develop regional partnerships. For us, the agreement with tech corporation Mannai is a strengthening of business ties in the Middle East, as well as an additional opportunity to build an international knowledge base and best practices in the field of cybersecurity.”

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