25 April 2018

BI.ZONE-CERT now authorized by Carnegie Mellon University

BI.ZONE has signed an agreement with the Carnegie Mellon University on licensing of the company’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). BI.ZONE-CERT is already a certified member of the international organization FIRST, and now it has received the status of an officially authorized CERT with the right to use the CERT trademark. It is also a competent organization of the National Domain Coordination Center.

BI.ZONE-CERT operates 24/7 and collects information on vulnerabilities, incidents and actual threats. On the basis of this data, it provides clients with the security enhancement recommendations.

CERT is a registered trademark of the Carnegie Mellon University. In 1988, this university established the centre to combat the first widely known network worm, which was distributed in the ARPANET network, the predecessor of the modern Internet. The Carnegie Mellon University licenses CERTs around the world. To date, there are more than 200 CERTs across the globe with four of them located in Russia.

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