21 February 2019

BI.ZONE establishes a research centre in Tomsk

BI.ZONE team is happy to announce our newest addition to the family — a handful of IT specialists from Tomsk. With their help we plan to hone our practices in Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC). This reinforcement couldn’t have come at a better time — we hope for the new staff to take active part in the inaugural introduction of in-cloud services and retail software to the market of cybersecurity.

At the moment the regional branch employs 18 specialists representing the 3 key areas of expertise for BI.ZONE: the technical block, expert services and managed services.

The Tomsk technical block will join efforts with the existing team in product development (using a range of languages: C, C++, Golang, Scala, Java, JavaScript, etc.) and architecture design (microservice and client-server). New additions to the expert services block will be responsible for maintaining a high level of SSDLC processes — internally and for the clients, alike. Representatives of the managed services block will focus on developing in-cloud products for protection against cyberthreats, which will add to the already successful line of solutions developed by the Moscow team.

For BI.ZONE — a company, whose vision it is to unite the best and the brightest of cybersecurity experts — its Tomsk extension is revealed as a highly valued asset. Higher education institutions in the region hold respectable positions in international ratings for specialised universities. Developers from Tomsk are renowned to deliver quality expertise and are in high regard across the world.

Our new team members are direct proof of the abovementioned — their hefty portfolios contain some of the industry’s biggest names, such as: F5 Networks and Positive Technologies. Aleksey Erokhin, Head of the Centre for Development in Tomsk, has 10 years’ experience leading educational and scientific IT-projects, as well as holding executive positions at the region’s top IT-companies.

It is the practical savvy and a powerful research potential displayed by the specialists from Tomsk that are sure to aid BI.ZONE in introducing new services to the cybersecurity market.

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