26 October 2018

BI.ZONE participated in the Sibos 2018

BI.ZONE took part in the cybersecurity conference Sibos, organized by SWIFT and held in Sydney, Australia, from October 22 to October 25. Guests and speakers discussed cybersecurity challenges they are faced with every day, and stressed the importance of strengthening their cooperation in countering cyberthreats at the international level.

Dmitry Samartsev, CEO of BI.ZONE, spoke at a panel session titled “Is a cyber 9/11 inevitable?” and held a workshop “Financial Industry vs Cybercrime: Insights into the Russian-speaking Darkweb”.

Dmitry Samartsev highlighted the borderless nature of cybercrime and noted that in order to effectively combat this strain of crime the international community should engage in an open dialogue and collaborate on a global scale.

During the workshop, Dmitry provided real case examples of cybercrime investigations, composited an accurate psychological depiction of an average Russian-speaking hacker and introduced the approaches used by BI.ZONE to protect its clients operating in various industries.

Sibos is an annual event organised by SWIFT attended by its shareholders and partners, as well as members of the SWIFT community and national associations. The event aims to discuss the most pressing challenges of financial industry and the ways of addressing these threats. BI.ZONE is one of the cybersecurity providers recommended by SWIFT, and an active member of the international community of cybersecurity experts that constantly collaborate against organized cybercrime.

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