28 November 2016

CTFzone 2016: review and results

On November 17-18 one of the most anticipated events within ZERONIGHTS 2016 took place at the Kosmos Hotel — Capture The Flag (CTF) by BI.ZONE company.

CTFzone started the night before the opening ceremony — tasks were available from 00.01 (GMT+3). Just a few minutes later BI.ZONE team received the first flags and it became clear, that nobody would sleep during the next two days.

The registration was open until the end of CTFzone and the number of participants was constantly increasing ending up at 540 participants from 50 countries.

TOP-5 players won cash prizes with the 150000 rubles as a main award. TOP-10 players who attended the conference received special prizes from BI.ZONE as well.

The head of Sberbank information security department honoured the Award Ceremony with his presence and congratulated CTFzone champion on the victory.

Most of the tasks are still available for download here

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