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Threat Zone is a large-scale analytical research that highlights the key trends in cyberattacks and their impact on the global economy and business.

BI.ZONE experts encourage all stakeholders to pool resources and strengthen global cyber resilience, by talking about:

  • infrastructure security issues
  • current vulnerabilities
  • threat trends
  • situations in specific industries

What is at stake

Personal customer data
Personal customer data

In 61% of external pentest projects, confidential customer data was successfully accessed.

Organisation's IT assets
Organisation's IT assets

More than 50% of the systems studied have a low level of security.

Customer finance
Customer finance

80% of mobile financial services applications do not have a high level of security.

Company trade secrets
Company trade secrets

89% of internal pentest projects resulted in a successful escalation of privileges to domain administrator.


show a low level of security in their internal infrastructures

Individual challenges

90 %
of bank account fraud is carried out by social engineering methods

90 %
of social engineering attacks on accounts come from phone calls

1 out of 2
bank account thefts are carried out using mobile applications

Business challenges

83 %
of companies do not have a business continuity and recovery plan

46 %
of large companies do not hold regular meetings on cybersecurity with the participation of top management

85 %
of companies had not analysed the applicability of GDPR requirements to their business processes

Industry challenges

In almost all industries

cybersecurity remains rather low

Media and e‑commerce

segments are lagging behind in addressing the security of third-party communications and relations

Retail and IT sectors

are least mature in operational security

Regular training improves staff resilience to phishing by 9 times

1 in 3 employees

are vulnerable to attacks in companies with no systematic education

1 in 28 employees

are vulnerable to attacks in companies with systematic education


do not focus on delivering the recent cyberthreat information to their employees


Take a five-minute test to assess the level of cybersecurity in your organisation

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