17 July 2019

BI.ZONE to scan banking infrastructures for compliance with PCI DSS cybersecurity requirement

BI.ZONE has become the official distributor of PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (PCI ASV) service from the PCI Security Standards Council, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council. This will enable BI.ZONE to perform IT infrastructure vulnerability scanning services of financial organisations in accordance with the requirements of the international PCI DSS standard.

The data security standard for the payment card industry has been adopted in the financial sector to protect against fraudulent schemes. It was developed in 2004 by five key players in the payment processing market: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB. The standard is focused on organisations involved in the processing of payment cards, including trading and service enterprises (TSP), processing centres, acquirers, issuers, service providers and other companies that store, process or transmit data on cardholders.

The PCI Approved Scanning Vendor status makes BI.ZONE an official certified provider and gives it the ability to assess the security of the external network perimeter, identify vulnerabilities and incorrect configurations of financial organisations.

“According to the cybersecurity requirements of PCI DSS for banks, scanning of IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities should be done at least once a quarter”, says Evgeny Voloshin, Director of Expert Services at BI.ZONE. “At the same time, the standard specifies that such verification can be performed only by organisations certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. Our team has successfully completed testing under the PCI Scanning Vendor Program for compliance with ASV status, which now allows us to strengthen our expertise and expand the list of BI.ZONE services for security analysis.”

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