BI.ZONE ThreatVision

BI.ZONE ThreatVision

Collect, verify and dynamically prioritize threats to streamline automated response

BI.ZONE ThreatVision

Prevent cyberattacks

Minimize the damage

Make informed decisions


to be lost to cybercrime by 2022

200 days
is an average time to detect the cyberattack

organizations have experienced one or more cyberattacks in the last 12 months



Prevent cyberattacks
Prevent cyberattacks

by obtaining actionable Threat Intelligence relevant to your organization.

Make informed decisions
Make informed decisions

by knowing who and how will hack you.

Minimize the damage
Minimize the damage

by timely detection and response.


Threat data verification

Along with usual feeds aggregation, normalization and deduplication, the smart neural network-based engine additionally verifies all incoming data to make sure the Platform contains only relevant and correct information.

Control of relevance

BI.ZONE ThreatVision is continually monitoring the relevance of IoCs archiving the outdated ones, so the user is always provided with the most verified and up-to-date information. Moreover, the historical data is available for retrospective analyses at any time.

Automated enrichment

BI.ZONE ThreatVision enrichment service allows to automatically add more context information to one or more IoCs from multiple sources. Once new contextual information is available it will be automatically appended to already enriched IoC.

Dynamic prioritization of threats

BI.ZONE ThreatVision is constantly reprioritizing threats by user-defined rules ensuring that the most relevant IoCs are always on top of the list.

Analytical tools

BI.ZONE ThreatVision offers convenient search and filter options allowing the user to oversee the current cyberthreat trends. Incident investigation is made easier by visualizing connections between various IoCs, attacks, and cybergangs.


REST API is useful to integrate refined IoCs with the security solutions to automate incident response. Also, users have access to the ever-expanding list of ready-made modules for integrating and exporting data.


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